B. LeDuc Investigations

Delaware and Maryland's Full-Service Private Investigative Agency

"It's All About the Facts"


Getting the facts you need in a competent, thorough, and timely manner is our priority.

Our Purpose

We first want to listen to your individual investigative needs.  Develop a strategy that fits your unique circumstances, and secure the results you need competently and thoroughly in a timely manner with B. LeDuc Investigations.  Serving all of Delaware and Maryland, we utilize private intelligence techniques such as:

  • Background Checks
  • Surveillance/Video Monitoring
  • Written and Legally Recorded Statements
  • Social Network Research
  • Web Mining
  • Locates/Missing Persons, Lost Family Members
  • Personal Interviews
  • Investigative Research and Report Preparation for Court Cases

Handled Cases

  • Divorce/Infidelity
  • Child Custody
  • Suspicious Catfishing
  • Adoption Diligence
  • Witness Testimony
  • Court Research
  • Tenant Background
  • Employee Theft
  • Suspicious Deaths
  • Missing Persons/Family Reunifications
  • Insurance Claims/Accident, Injury, Death
  • Our Newest Service-Ancestral Research

The Facts

Whether you are an attorney in need of recorded interviews or statements, an employer suspecting company theft, or a spouse or family member who has witnessed suspicious behavior, we offer free, compassionate, and empathetic consultations.  We value integrity above intention, and handle each case from consultation to completion with respectful confidentiality, and an allegiance to honesty in investigative research and report writing.  Our purpose is to research truth, document it accurately, and report it competently.  Because it is, and always will be, "All About the Facts."

Grid Search Background Report

Our Grid Search Background Research Report is a basic foundational first step in finding facts using reliable data tools, combined with a thorough internet mining of civil and criminal records, addresses and phone publications, articles, news reports, and social media profiles.  Starting with flat fees as low as $350.00 for the most basic background Grid Search Report, is the affordable way to uncover needed information that will help determine if further investigative efforts, such as surveillance, is needed.

Grid Search Report


(Price of basic Grid Search Report)


Our surveillance contract includes most necessary background data needed to conduct a thorough and discreet surveillance, and our hourly rates for surveillance are reasonable.  We strive to provide affordable investigative services to every income level, and will offer an indigent rate to those that qualify.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  


"B. LeDuc Investigations has helped me on two different occasions.  The first time I really needed to find my brother I had not seen for many years. Our grandmother wasn't doing well and I wanted him to see her before her health worsened.  The last address I had in New Jersey turned up empty, but B. LeDuc Investigations was able to locate him in South Carolina.

The second time I wanted to locate my mother.  My brother and I had never met her.  Once I was able to provide the investigator a surname (which wasn't much), our investigator was able to locate her within 24 hours.  At the age of 44, I was able to meet my mother for the first time and also found out I have another brother and sister.  B. LeDuc Investigations has filled a void in my life.  I now feel complete as a result of finding my family and the new relationships we have formed.  I'm thankful God placed this agency in my path.  Here is a picture of my sister and I."

Michelle R.

"Great knowledge of laws.  Listened.  Timely and thorough."

Marilyn M.

"She was attentive and sympathetic to my case, and communicated extremely well.

Geoffrey L.

Within the past six months, I contacted B. LeDuc Investigations to conduct a background check on perspective tenants  for my rental properties.  They promptly provided an explanation of the type of information they could legally provide, along with a reasonable and fair cost for services.  Once our agreement was made, they delivered the indepth reports as promised within 24 hours.  I would most certainly utilize their services again, and highly recommend B. LeDuc Investigations.

- Debbie S.

I suspected my wife was having an affair.  I needed a female private investigator to confirm whether my suspicions were true or not.  It was a weekend and I called at least 10 different agencies in two states.  B. LeDuc Investigations was the only agency that responded immediately with a returned call.  They were willing to enter into contract after a thorough consultation that very day.  The investigator was able to discreetly obtain proof my suspicions were true.  My case was handled with integrity, compassion, and expertise.  I highly recommend B. LeDuc Investigations.

- Anonymous Maryland Police Officer



Videos coming soon.

Videos coming soon.


Our "boots on the ground" services cover all of Delaware and Maryland.  From Wilmington, DE all the way down to the Delaware beach area in Sussex County, DE, B. LeDuc Investigations covers the entire state with its three counties of New Castle, Kent, and Sussex.  From Baltimore, MD, to the Eastern Shores of Annapolis and Ocean City, MD,  as well as beautiful Cumberland in the north,  quaint Salisbury, MD in the south, and every town in-between, B. LeDuc Investigations aims to be the "go to" private investigative agency for all of Delmarva. However, some of our services can be carried out nationwide such as internet mining and background reports.  Should you have need of further services nationwide outside of our licensing states, we may consider the feasibility of adding new areas to meet your needs, or connecting you with partnering agencies ready to consult your needs in your area.